Thursday, January 23, 2014

What's up Doc? #1

Hello Scientists!

It's been a few time already I come here and tell you guys about my experiments in the kitchen, about my cooking, about the food I buy... But I never told you guys a lot about me! Sure, there is the About section, but it's just so short... I want to talk to you guys, readers! So I decided to open up a space every once in a while to talk about What's up with up, here at the Lab/Kitchen of the Mad Scientist! So I came up with the name "What's up, Doc?". Althoug the one who is really close of being a doctor is husband, not me. But I really like Bugs Bunny, so let's go with that!

I'm loving have this blog! More than I thought I would. I've been cooking everything I wanted and using the blog as an excuse! LOL Is it too early on the week to have a pinch of Sangria? No! It's for the sake of the blog!

Well, Today I bought a grapefruit for the first time. Don't judge me. We don't actually have a lot of it here. And here we call it Toranja.

Me and husband are back at a low carb diet. I'll try to keep the variety here. It's so good too cook with some kind of chalenge! You never know how carbs are so deep in your feeding, until you decide to cut back on them.

Did I mentioned that we're going to Argentina at the end of february! That means Parrillada!! And lots of Dulce de Leche... Yummmmm

Well... We'll see again at the next post! Maybe the Sangria I was talking about before...

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