Q & A

  • Who are you?

Philosophically? Who knows!
I'm passionate about everything and I have to keep learning new things. I graduated as a Chemical Engineer in 2011. Started a master degree in Bioprocess, but I dropped out to work with different things

  • Why "Mad Scientist Cookbook"?

Because I'm a scientist and I can get a little crazy from time to time. Specially in my Lab/kitchen

  • Where are you?

I live in Brazil, more precisely in Rio de Janeiro.

  • So, why do you write in english?

Since the start of food blogging, I started following a lot of blogs in english, because that weren't many brazilian blogs. Now there are plenty of them, awesome blogs like Panelaterapia and Gastronomia e Fotografia, to say just two of them. But I learned so much from the foreigner blogs, and untill now they're the major part of my blog list that I thought: "Hey, maybe I could make the blog in english, and keep in touch with my favorite blogs around the world". And Maybe (just maybe) I can show the foreigner blogs a thing or two about our food and products!

  • Aren't you worried that your fellow brazilian bloggers will think bad of this attitude?

Yes. But I really hope they don't. 

  • Why are your pictures like this?

In the words of the poet Robbie Williams "Please be gentle, I'm still learning". I'm still working in the blog identity and my photography character. I'm a expertimental scientist! Let's experiment!

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  1. You show a lot of courage starting an English language blog when it's not your first language. The best of luck from Ontario, Canada. (I have an MSc in Biology so there's another connection.)