Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hungarian Colaboration - Lángos

Husband spent 20 days in Hungary earlier this year. This means he missed my birthday! Not that I had a big party or something like this. But he wasn't here when I turned 26! This was enough for him to have to pay. And by payment I mean presents!!!

He was great in that matter! He bought me earrings, a necklace, a shirt and.... TA-DA!

Fig 1: The gift

A Hungarian Cook book! Do I really need to say it was my favorite? Didn't think so.
Between getting the book and now, so many things happened! We started looking for an apartment, we found it, we rented, started making all that little things like painting, installing a new shower... And all those little annoying details that are needed to make a house livable. There goes almost a month living in the house and eating things that could be put together really fast.
So, to celebrate the house being (almost) ready. I decided to break in the hungarian book and figure out something to cook. It was friday night, so the choice was going for something fun, something weekendy!
I remember Husband going on and on about a street food they had over there: Lángos. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Introduction - Let's experiment

Good morning, Starshine!

This, is another food blog. But not like all the others. Because this is mine, and I'm not quite a
regular cook. I'm a scientist. Although I'm not always mad, I'm a scientist 24/7! This means I have a passionate/pathological curiosity about everything that surrounds me.

I've been cooking since very young, and have been among scientific information since very young too! Nothing more obvious than me putting two and two together and combining these two passions.

The idea of the blog has been running around my head since last week. I came up with a name, Runned some ideas trough husband (that is cool enough to agree with every crazy idea I had for it), decided to open up with this post and here we are!

Last wednesday I went shopping for the first time with this blog in mind! We went to an international fair that happens every year around november december.  They had an International market, where I went insane on kitchen products! Specially japanese gadgets! If someday I ended up going to Japan, I'm gonna need some adult supervision to avoid expending my whole money on kitchen gadgets. I won't say exactly what I bought... Not now at least.  But here is a nice picture of the food part of our shopping (the drinking part was already chilling in the fridge). 

With this blog, I sincerely hope to make some friends and get in touch with other bloggers out there! At first the posts will air at monday and wednesday. Any changes I let you guys know!

Let's experiment!