I learned to cook very early. My mom tought me how to cook by putting me in a chair by her side when I wasn't able to reach the sink and showing me everything around the kitchen and cooking. Not only recipes, and the basics. But also how to be creative and use what we had in hand.

I grew up learning and sharing experiences in the kitchen with my mom. Also I grew very fond of science and Chemistry. My love for science led me to Tech School of Chemistry and later to graduate in College as a Chemical Engineer. At Tech School I've met someone very special. Today this someone is my friend, partner in crime (like this blog) and my husband.

During the Big Boom of food blogging I was following with eager eyes and wondering when I could do something like that for myself. Recently, I finaly got a kitchen of my own where I tell the rules and am free to experiment!

During the time gathering ideas for this blog, I was wondering how I could make this blog reflect me and my relationship with cooking. My response to this was a blog about food named "Mad Scientist Cookbook". Cooking and working in a lab has a lot in common. In the begining I'm still working a little in the visual indentity of the blog. Let's hope pretty soon I'm able to put my ideas to work on this blog.

Let's begin the experiment! Every cook is a little mad scientist!

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