Monday, February 17, 2014

What's up Doc? #2

Hello Kids! How are we today?

I'm sorry I missed the last post. So much going on right now, and had to stop for a while to think about the blog. 

I had the post, I had the pictures... I just couldn't bring myself to post without thinking it through. 

Well, this blog is something I've been gladly working on and proudly watching it as it grows. But I wanted more... More of it growing, more of you guys reading, more, more and more! And I had the passion for it:

 I just couldn't keep going without a plan. That's what I've been thinking about these passing days. Now I'm a man with plan! Except that I'm not man... But you got the idea.

It all started with the possibility to write for a big blog! A already stablished site, with thousands of readers, a great exposition of my content... But since I had to write for them a number of times a week, I would eventually sacrifice the quality and constancy of my blog posts. So I had a big decision to make: And I chose my own blog!

I chose this little space, just starting out there, with a lot to change yet... But my space! My little corner of the internet where I tell what's what. Building my own readers base, my own content, that's what I want!

So I chose you guys! The few reader, the few comments, but the lots of love! Must be some sort of single child freudian thing, but I just could not bring my self to lose the love of my readers in a sea of other writers.

And this came with the decision of investing more and more on the blog! On the backstage and on what you guys see! And maybe even show a little bit about the backstage to you!

I hope you all enjoy the on coming changes and we can all grow together!

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