Thursday, December 5, 2013

Raw material test #1

I have to admit, I started this blog because I like to do two things: Try new things, and talk about food! And right now, I'm gonna do both!

In the first post last week, I told that me and husband went to an international fair and bought a whole lot of food over there. Well, I tried a few of them, very simple things. I bought also some sauces and other things, but I'm waiting to try them in a more elaborated dish.
First thing I tried was this Frima. Actually I wanted to try it as soon as I got home, but all I had time was shower and sleep.

Fig 1: Raw material of today? Frima!

As you may see, I understood nothing of what's saying in the package. Luckily there was a small label in portuguese. It's suposed to be some powdered cream.
My coffee addiction ringed every bell in my head when I saw this. Cream, for my coffee, powdered so it has a longer shelf life? Count me in!

Fig 2: Coffee creamer
Next day, after work, I made my self a cup of coffee. (FYI: this cute little cup in the picture, is not my regular cup, I have almost a jar of coffee at a time) to try the new product.
The label recomends 2-3 teaspoons in a cup. I started with 1 and took a sip. First thing I noticed... It's sugarless. So I sweetened my coffee to taste (which is virtually not very different from sugarless coffee) and tried again.

Fig 3: Trying to balance a spoon in the edge of the cup

I have to admit, while I was holding the spoon full of powder and trying to take a picture that my hand wouldn't show, I was wondering: "This looks like the powdered skimmed milk I use. Let's all hope it doesn't taste the same". Not that I don't like it, but I was expecting something different.
I had to add 2 spoons more untill I was satisfied, but not quite, with the result.

It really doesn't taste like when you add powdered milk, but the effect in the coffee consistency is the same.
Since this is a coffee "creamer" I expected some creamyness in my coffee. I felt none. It tasted good in the coffee, but not exceptional!

I guess I was expecting too much. Since this first try, I had it a few more times. Trying to add a bit more, to see if it got richer. But it didn't. Was worth it just because of the taste, but even this wasn't very different.

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