Monday, December 2, 2013

The cheeseburger approximation

Bread, hamburger and cheese. 

It doesn't need much for a nice cheeseburger. 

The beauty of it, is that, you can go random around what you do with just this three and end up with some cheeseburger that might not look very cheesburgery, but tastes amazing!

Fig 1: An approximation of a cheeseburger

One thing might sound wrong with this burger. I used Ghee. Ghee is mainly an Indian food, and I'm having with ground beef... Well, I don't intent to get in trouble here, but trust me: it worth it!

Here's my Cheeseburger approximation


  • 600g ground beef
  • 1 smoked sausage
  • salt 
  • garlic powder
  • Cheddar
  • 1/2 canned BBQ sauce (I know... Canned BBQ sauce... Shame on me!)
  • Onion
  • Bread
  • Ghee


  • Grate the smoked sausage. Mix well the beef, salt to taste, garlic powder and grated smoked sausage. Mix untill everything is evenly distributed.
  • Shape the patties. Try to make them thicker, rather than wider. I learned that wide but thin stay drier on the inside. 
  • Put the patties in freezer. You can make them the day before or leave them there for about four hours. Until they're hard enough so you can break a window with it (please, use your best judgment and don't break any windows)
  • When they're frozed enough, heat the griller. You want it to be very hot. 
  • Once it's hot, remove the patties form the freezer and straight in the griller. What you're looking for here, is to leave those nice grilled marks, but without cooking everything on the inside.
  • Don't squeeze them, or all the juices will flow out. Turn and let the other side get a little heat too.
  • In a skillet, mix the BBQ sauce with 1/2 cup of water and put in the low fire. 
  • Add the not so cooked patties in the simmering sauce, and let them finish cooking in the heat of the sauce. It's important to leave the fire low. Or you will burn the sauce and the meat won't cook. You can use the same griller and grill thick slices of onion. (I did this for me, husband don't like onion)
  • In a different skillet melt 1 tablespoon of Ghee. Fry the Bread a little in the melted Ghee. Jut enough to give the bread a golden glistening. 
  • In 20 minutes the patties must be done. You can place the Cheddar slices on top of them and leave them in the sauce a little more to melt. 
  • Assemble the burger and dig in!

Experimental observations:

I used Ghee, because I had a little from my first attempt in making Ghee at home. In my opinion, it went awesome with the BBQ sauce. If you're in some sort of dilema with this, you can use butter.

If the sauce start reducing too much, before the patties are cooked, you can add a bit of water. Just add bit by bit, or the sauce might be too thin.

Turn the patties in the sauce, so both sides can be cooked in it. This prevents them of beeing too dry or uncoocked inside. 

In the pictures my bread might look a little bit different. It's because it was machine bread. I had made it in the day before and place in the fridge. So it got good enough to slice and fry. Any bread will do here. 

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